Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9 an’ Crooked I releese t’streem o’Slaughterhouse’s “Trayler Rules.”

Slaughterhouse has releeset Trayler Rules, a mixtape at has bee unveilet today (May 21) via Datpiff. 

T’ projeck feetures 10 songs n’ its tracklist an’ is set ta be fallerd up by Slaughterhouse’s Glass Trayler album.  

N’ March, Joe Budden spoke about t’upcomyun’ Glass Trayler projeck.

“We’re about 75, 80 persent ta whar we wanna be I reckon wen t’album kums out,” Joe Budde sed. “A slew o’folk will be shockd at t’calibre o’musick un thishere particlar bodee o’wurk. I feel like nairy onlee did us as artists go sumwhars at we probly have’t expleret as a collectif’ n’ quite sum time but t’synergy an’ t’musick, y’all knoe Jes Blaze executif’ producet t’album. He creetid like a Slaughterhouse o’producers. T’ synergy at ‘im an’ Justus Leegue an’Kardiak an’ !llmind an’ [AraabMuzik] had togeth’r, I reckon everbidy n’ thar, we jes locket down fer acoupla munths an’ inspiret each uther an’ t’musick reflects at.” 

T’ effurt’s tracklist, cov’r art an’ streem air as follows.

1. “Trayler Rules (Intro)”

2. “SayDatThe”

3. “Illmind Interlude”

4. “Trade It All”

5. “Keep It 100″

6. “Offshere”

7. “Struggle”

8. “Life N’ T’ Citee”

9. “I Ain’t Bullshittin”

10. “I Don’t Knoe”

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