Nicki Minaj also spoke ta Hot 97 about hern upcomyun’ “T’ Pink Print” album an’ hern dedicashun ta makin musick.

Nicki Minaj spoke wit New York radeeo stayshun Hot 97 today (May 21) an’ discusset hern upcomyun’ projecks, as well as t’“strippet down” look she wore ta t’Billboard Musick Awards. 

“I always wantid ta go back ta my mixtape look an’ I felt like, y’all knoe, thishere would be a good time ta do it,” Nicki Minaj sez durin t’Hot 97 interview. “I’m wurkin un a new bodee o’musick an’ t’musick sounds mer strippet. I reckon at strippet down look matches t’musick.” 

Minaj donnet a black Alaxan’r Mckwee dress an’ black hair at t’Billboard Awards.

T’ rapp’r wuz the ast about whut wuz labelet as hern “thirst trap pictures frum hell.”

“I will take like a million selfies” Nicki Minaj sez, “an’ I’ll hate like, y’all knoe, 800,000 o’um an’ the maybe 3 o’um will be half desent an’ I will post thems.”

Minaj wuz ast if’n musick is still impertant ta hern financiallee. T’ “Yasss Bitch” rapp’r sez at cerporate sponsers value t’marketabilitee o’musishuns. 

“Musick is still my biggest sorce o’income,” Minaj sez. “If’n I do a Pepsi commercial an’ git a cuple million dollars frum ‘um, it still is tiet wit my song. Y’all knoe thay still want at musickull presence. These cumpnys, thay knoe at musick is t’biggest way artists connect un soshul media.”

Minaj tole Hot 97 at she is willeeun’ ta wurk wit Remy Ma oncet she is releeset frum prisen thishere summ’r. Accerdyun’ ta Papoose, Ma will be releeset n’ Julee.

N’ May 2008, Remy wuz santencet ta eiite yeers n’ prisen. T’ rapp’r wuz charget wit shootin un associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph.

Minaj sez at T’ Pink Print, hern thurd studio album, will debut befor t’year is up.

N’ Novemb’r, Minaj sed she wuz wurkin un t’album.

“I alreddy startid, an’ I’m goin trayler, ackshly tomerroe ta rilly start,” she sed. “Like, I’m takin acoupla munths ta jes lock n’. So I’m rilly eggcited, an’ t’folk at have bee wurkin wit noe have bee folk.”

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