Rihanna donatid $25,000 ta t’Los Angeles Pleece Foundashun aft’r she broke t’phone o’L. A. Pleece Commission Presdint Steve Soberoff at a Clippers playoff game las week, accerdyun’ ta 

T’ pop sing’r wuz seetid nex ta Soberoff, who repertedlee ast ta take a selfie n’ ord’r ta boost LAPD merale. 

Wen t’pair attemptid t’“selfie,” Rihanna droppet t’phone an’ it broke.

As un apology, she wrote a $25,000 check ta a fund fer cadets an’ falln officers.

Rihanna sined t’broke phone wit t’wurds, “Serry! I (heert) LADP. Rihanna.” T’ phone wuz put up fer aucshun un EBay. 

T’ Los Angeles Clippers playoff run has drawn controversy aft’r team own’r Donald Sterleeun’ wuz cawt un tape makin racist remarks. 

Rihanna has bee rumeret ta be involvet n’ t’ altercashun tween Jay Z an’ Solange Knowles. Beyonce postid a photo wit t’Barbadiun un hern Instagram account.

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