GIST: “The Level Of Security In The Country Is So Low, It’s Ridiculous” – Omawumi

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress, Omawunmi Megbele has made her voice known about the security situation in the country. When asked to comment about the Chibok abductions and if the country is doing enough to recover the lost girls, she said:

“We are not doing the best that we can. I feel bad that there are some people who are using this as a political tool. I feel bad that the international community has to pressure us into safeguarding the lives of its citizenry.”

She went on to say “I feel bad that the level of insecurity of our country is so low it’s ridiculous, it’s not that the situation is worse in our country than anywhere else but its deplorable and what breaks my heart the most is that there are people who are amassing wealth from the situation to the detriment of the poor masses who cannot afford to provide security for themselves.”

She also says that she is praying for the safe return of the girls and for the country in general.


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