GIST:The Most Shocking Cases of Kids Who Killed Their Parents

Let’s be honest, no parent has it easy raising a kid. It’s the toughest job in the world. And likewise, no kid has an easy childhood. There are already enough tumultuous waters to navigate without adding dealing with parents into the mix. If we all grew up like an episode of Full House, where a hug and some sappy music solved all of the day’s traumas, maybe the world would be a better place. That said, the vast majority of children grow up with loving parents, in loving homes, and the vast majority of parents would do anything for the well being of their children. But, as always in this world, there are the darker corners, the shadows that lie outside the norm and shock us all too often. Children who kill their parents may not be as shocking as those parents who kill their children, but the idea that a young person has it so bad, or covets something so much, that they would brutally take away the lives of the parents who gave them their own is truly a stark reminder that the real world is nothing like a family sitcom.

One of the United Kingdom’s most shocking cases of a child killing a parent, 14-year-old Daniel Bartlam’s parents divorced when he was nine, and over the next five years his behavior became increasingly disturbing. He developed an obsession with horror movies, became increasingly reclusive and began posting violent clips online. Furthermore, he developed a knack for writing extremely gory short stories, which he would show his mother, Jacqui, with great delight. On Easter Sunday, 2011, his madness reached a new level and Daniel decided to commit what he saw as the perfect murder by killing his own mother. After mowing the lawn and indulging in some Easter chocolate, Daniel proceeded to sneak into his mother’s bedroom and smash her head in with a claw hammer.

Hoping to destroy evidence he then covered his mother’s dead body with paper, doused it in gasoline and lit her ablaze. Daniel was caught after emergency crews responding to the blazing home found the murder weapon in his bedroom. He’s currently serving life in prison.

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