[NEWS]: Borno state Gov in tears as he declares 3-day fast for missing girls

Borno State governor Kashim Shettima was in tears yesterday as he appealed to indigenes of the state to embark on a 3-day fast for the missing Chibok girls. The proposed fasting, which will run from May12th – 14th, is to seek the face of God over the missing girls and for peace to return to the state.

The Governor got very emotional while in a meeting with the Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA), Chibok, who came to protest the abduction of the missing girls.

“We are calling on all Muslims and Christians to embark on a three-day fast to seek God’s help toward rescuing our girls. All of us must fast because we worship the same God. There is no politics or religious issues in this matter because the abduction of the girls is something that should bother us all as parents, uncles and guardians” he said
The governor also expressed shock that some individuals believe the kidnap never happened, and is all a scam “It is unthinkable for anyone to say such a story could be fabricated.” He said

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